RIP little friend

We get Nuthatches in our garden every day.  We absolutely love them, it’s a privilege to have such handsome visitors.  We are really lucky to have such huge quantities of lovely garden birds to enhance our lives.  We live on an A-road so nobody’s got cats.  What a difference that seems to make.

But yesterday, Isabel and I heard a thud and discovered that one of our little Nuthatch friends had flown into the kitchen window.  It must have been killed instantly as when I picked it up it was still in a mid-flight pose.

We are so sad.  John was particularly sentimental, he even showed it to another Nuthatch(not sure why), they are very tame so you can get quite close.

Anyway, John’s ordered some bird silhouettes that you’re supposed to stick to your windows.  In truth this is the third such casualty this year, we lost two Great tit fledglings in the summer.  Our Robin also came a cropper, it got blown into the wall in the Autumn gales.  Poor things.  Are we doing more harm than good?  Any ideas on how we can stop this happening would be greatly appreciated.

(Not a single bad Viv joke it this post, sorry)

One thought on “RIP little friend

  1. We tend to get young wood-pigeon fling into our windows, they make an hell of a noise when they hit. One left a sad but also beautiful silhouette of it’s self on the up stairs bedroom glass.
    We also had a young black bird hit the living-room widow this summer, luckily it was only dazed and we could release it after 10 minutes or so recuperation.
    I wish I could help with a solution but I am at a loss. May be a collection of ceramic cats on the window ledge? 🙂

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