A weasel A weasel!!!!

I am soooo excited.  This is only the second time I’ve ever seen one and there it was carrying a mouse across our veg patch only a couple of metres from the living room window.

People say that the main difference between stoats and weasels is that stoats have a black tip to the tail.  While that’s true, the most striking difference was the size.  The weasel was properly diddy. We get a lot of stoats here so I’ve got used to them, in fact, I saw one today behind the caravan.  It was being chased off by next door’s chickens.  No eggs for you today Mr stoaty stoat.


2 thoughts on “A weasel A weasel!!!!

  1. While just perusing your blog, hopping for a new post. 🙂
    Your last edition, reminded me of the stoats I used to see when I worked at YSP in Wakefield. On occasions in spring a stoat would run under the wardens porter cabin with a live baby rabbit. The noise it made was horrible! I think may be it was brought alive so the stoat kittens could practice their killing techniques, a gruesome thought I know.

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