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Alright it’s not a real flora and who cares about 3 Chapel Terrace anyway……wherever that is.

This blog is a bit of fun for me to write and perhaps for a few people to read.  I’m aiming to identify every wild plant and fungus in my garden including mosses and lichens.

I draw the line at really difficult things like algae. However, I have to say, that I could spend hours staring at a slide full of diatoms, very trippy! Unfortunately my identifications of these guys are likely to be a bit wide of the mark.  Other exclusions will include the likes of slime moulds, rusts and smuts etc.  I’ve got to give myself a chance!  Some love them but they’re all ‘Grotia vulgata‘ to me!

Soooo….. what about the not very complete fauna.  Well I’m no Zoologist.  I’ve spent enough time with various specialists to know that I can’t hope to conquer beasts as well as plants with ‘nearly’ complete accuracy.  However, I want to know what stuff is! At least to a group.  So if something interesting crosses my path I’ll nab it for the bug pot.  Visions of slugs crawling off microscope plates……..

psychedelic slug (perhaps popped a few diatoms)

So, this is about as informal as it gets.  The methodology will be a bit opportunistic, e.g. argh I need to weed that piece of concrete around the back of the house before the baby wakes up.  Might as well identify everything before it goes in the compost!



2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. If you want a hand with the basidios and ascos, let me know. Could name about 3 slime moulds in fruiting livery if that’s any help. I reckon this blog has the potential to go viral, or are they a bit small?

  2. Ha! Yes, way too small. Perhaps it’s more likely to go vegetative.

    Yes, I’ll need all the help I can get on the fungi, I only really know the edible and extremely poisonous ones. I’ve seen one or two of those small brown jobs in the lawn.

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